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Tiny Shop Outfeed Table

Finished Tiny Shop Outfeed Table

If your shop is crunched for space then chances are that you don't have a dedicated outfeed table for your table saw. Many craftsmen get by with using their primary workbench as an outfeed table, but this requires clearing of your primary workbench when you need it as an outfeed table.

The Tiny Shop Outfeed Table can fit in most any workshop and both ia collapsible and portable, allowing you to free up shop space when it is not needed.

To build this project you will need a Workmate folding workbench, and no, this is not a sponsored post.


3/4" plywood (scraps can work)

1x2 wood

#8 1 1/4" wood screws


Workmate folding workbench

Table saw (after all this is why you are building it :-))

Drill and bits


Cut out the vertical support and the table top from the 3/4" plywood

The vertical support is 21"x 7 1/2"x 3/4"

The table top is 28"x 13"x 3/4"

Cross Cutting 3/4" plywood to length

Next, cut out two cleats from the 1x2 wood -- I used pine but would suggest a hardwood for added strength.

The cleats will be 20"x3/4"x3/4"

ripping cleats to width

The cleats will be used to join the vertical support to the table top with the use of screws.

Countersink and pre-drill 5 evenly spaced holes on one side of the cleats, then roll the cleat and counter sink and pre-drill 4 holes between the first 5 on a perpendicular side.

Counter sink and pre-drill holes in cleats

The final step is to assemble!

Place one cleat centered and flush to the edge along the length of the vertical support.

Drive 4 screws into the predrilled holes to attach the cleat to the vertical support.

Flip the vertical support over and attach the other cleat the same way as the first.

Attaching cleats to vertical support

Find the center of the table top width and draw a line along its length.

Attach the vertical support with the cleats centered on this line to the table top. Use 5 screws per cleat.

Attaching cleats to table top

Now you can put it to work!

Mount your new outfeed table in your workmate bench and secure it at a height that will support your workpiece when it is pushed through your table saw.

Setting outfeed table height

Add ons:

-add wax to the table top for a smoother sliding surface.

Applying paste finishing wax

-chamfer table top edges to help move sagging workpieces up onto the table top.

-add quick set up cleats to the vertical support. These cleats are set to establish the desired height of the outfeed table. Simply set up the correct height and screw the cleats into the vertical support, flush with the top of the workmate. With these cleats in place you will no longer need to dial in the correct height of the outfeed table during setup.

quick set up cleats

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