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The must know info about using CA glue

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What is CA glue?

CA glue is an adhesive made from Cyanoacrylate.

What does CA stand for?

It is the accepted abbreviation of Cyanoacrylate. Some people error by thinking that CA stands for Contact Adhesive due to the glues instant bonding capabilities.

Is Super glue different then CA glue?

Super Glue and CA glue are the same.

If CA glue and Super glue are the same then why do they have different names?

This mostly has to do with marketing. Super glue is a simple name that conveys its purpose/potential for someone not trained in the way of the glue bottle.

How does CA glue work?

Cyanoacrylate hardens like a hard plastic through a chemical reaction when it comes in contact with moisture. This works because there is water in the air (in the form of humidity) and on nearly every surface.

Does CA glue work on all surfaces ?

No. When using CA glue, you should avoid surfaces that are extremely smooth, wet, dirty, porous, metallic or oily.

What materials will CA glue bond well to?

CA glue bonds well to wood, metal, rubber, leather, ceramics, gemstones, rocks & minerals, carbon fiber, fiberglass, PVC and most plastics

How do I prepare a surface for CA glue?

If your surface is smooth, use an abrasive to rough it up before glue application. A course surface give the glue more are to grab onto resulting in a stronger bond. Many surfaces will work well with CA glue as they are. If you are repairing a broken item it may not make sense to use an abrasive on it as it may alter the shape of the broken part and decrease surface contact when reassembling.

What is an accelerator?

An accelerator introduces moisture, causing the glue to cure faster.

How do you use an accelerator?

An accelerator can be applied before or after the surfaces to be glues are joined with glue. Before being joined: one surface receives glue while the other receives accelerator. After being joined: the joint can receive accelerator.

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