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Is CA glue different then Super Glue?

No, they are the same. While Super Glue is a brand of CA glue the name has gone through genericization to mean CA glue. When someone refers to Super Glue they are most likely generally referring to the whole of the CA glue family and not a specific trademarked product.

Tips for using CA glue.

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What does CA stand for?

Cyanoacrylate, which is the active ingredient.

What materials is CA glue good on?

wood, rubber, metal, fiberglass, most plastics, and leathers

Are CA glues really that strong?

Yes and no; CA glue is an adhesive with an extremely high push-pull strength, but a low shear strength.

How do I choose the right CA glue for a specific application?

The viscosity or thickness of the glue is the primary difference found between CA glues.

Thin CA glues are great for high gloss finishes, inlays, infiltrating pores, and stabilizing fractures.

Medium CA glues are generally used for bonding close-fitting parts, filling small cracks, hobby model building, RC car tire bonding, pen making, and general-purpose repairs.

Thick CA glues are used for bonding, void filling, and hobby model assembly.

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