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Free Mini Router Table plans

This router table is designed to mount on a workbench with the help of a woodworking vise.


Half a sheet of 3/4 inch plywood

18gague brad nails

Specialty hardware

(2pc) 1/4” - 20 x 2”carriage bolt

(2pc) 1/4” washer

(2pc) 1/4” - 20 knob

Cut List

Cuts from 3/4" plywood

10” x 8” Base sides (2 pc.)

1’ 1/2” x 11 1/2” Vise base

1” 4” x 1’ 1” router table top

1’ 4” x 3 1/2” fence

1’ 4” x 2” fence base

3” x 2 13/16” dust port

2” x 2” fence supports (2 pc.)

Watch this video to see me make this router table.

Click this link to open video in a new window https://youtu.be/HiPMO5LMZ8o

Support me by purchasing the PDF version on my Etsy store.

Here is the link ---> Esty Vise mounted router table PDF

Cut one rabbet on each of the base side pieces. The rabbet is cut into the face along its length and is 23/32” wide (the thickness of the plywood) and a 1/4” deep

Join the base sides with the vise base. The side of the vise base are joined to the rabbets on the side base pieces. Use wood glue along with bradnails or screws.

Drill a 1” diameter hole in the router table top. The hole is inset 6” from one side and in the middle of the piece length (8”). Optional cut a 1/4” deep miter slot in the router table, see the image for suggest dimensions. Or purchase a metal miter slot for the table. Note the placement of the slots pictured for the next step.

Cut the slots into router table top for the adjustable fence. I used a 1/4” straight bit on a router with a plunge base. Run the router along a clamped board to ensure a straight cut. Plunge the router 1” from the side and 1 1/8” from the end. Alternatively use a drill bit to put a hole in the slot area and a jig saw to cut out the shape.

Flip the router table top over and center your router base over the hole for the router. Mark the router mount screw hole locations to the router table top. If applicable mark the router lift adjustment key hole (some model routers have them and others don’t) Make sure the router is in the correct orientation to be able to access the adjustments and onvoff switch. Drill out the holes and counter sink screw holes (on the top side) for your hardware.

Mount the router table top with the router base attached to the router table top. Attach the router table top to the base pieces with screws. 1 1/4” pocket hole screws from the base to the table top may work best, otherwise predrill and use 2” wood screws from the top of the router table top into the ends of the base boards, 4 screws should be enough.

Cut out the router bit opening in the fence.

Cut out the router bit opening in the fence base

Drill 1/4” hole into the fence base for fence mounting hardware.

Cut 45 degree angles into the sides of the dust port piece. Drill out a 1 1/4” diameter hole for the shop-vac dust extraction.

Cut the fence supports in half diagonally across

the face.

Assemble fence pieces with glue and bradnails.

Mount fence on router table top. Put a 1/4” carriage bolt up through each of the router table top slots then through the fence bases 1/4” hole, add a washer and a knob onto the ends of the bolts.

Optional: The thickness of the plywood may inhibited the routers ability to extend. An insert can be made to mount the router on. The design on the left allows a 6” x 6” x 1/4” sheet of Plexiglass to sit on a 1/4” rabbet. Note: the miter slot was moved to accommodate the design change

Support me by purchasing the PDF version on my Etsy store.

Here is the link ---> Esty Vise mounted router table PDF

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