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Bleeding cash and selling out

Is it selling out to have an affiliate program or is it just part of doing business?

As I try to build my at home business in the DIY community I run into the same question, where am I going to get the money for that project? Making stuff is rewarding, but rewarding doesn't put food on the table. I am fortunate enough to be part of the YouTube partner program where I earn a little cash from shared ad revenue, but at this point that is not much.

I have observed for a while that most makers and sole proprietors have multiple forms of income. And so I now add Amazon Affiliate to my small list.

If you like the item I show you and you buy it through the affiliate link them Amazon might share some of the revenue with me. Please don't feel obligated to purchase an item from Amazon just because I shared a link. If you like an item buy it from the best place for you.

Now back to the fun stuff, building.

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