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Simple DIY Jewelry display shelf


4 ft of 1x4 wood

2 wire hangers

20 1-inch metal hooks

1 3/8-inch dowel rod or pre-cut dowels

wood glue

spray paint optional

wood finish optional


saw for crosscuting

3/8-inch drill bit


3 dowel center points

Project time: 20-40 min

Difficulty: easy

Direct video link https://youtu.be/wHHr9NaVOTI

My sweetheart needed a better way to store her necklaces and asked me to make her something to hold store them, naturally Pintrest was a great resource and the project details are based off of an image I saw on there.

1) Crosscut the 1x4 board so you have two boards equal length. The length of the shelf needs to be long enough to accommodate the longest straights portion of the wire hanger plus 1-inch( for 1/2-inch clearance on each end.) my boards were cut to 19-inches. Optional give each board a light sanding up to 220 grit.

2) Drill out 3 dowel holes on one of the boards edge, this will be the wall-mounted board. Transfer their locations to the face of the other board using dowel center points, this will be the shelf board. Drill out the dowel holes on the shelf board, make sure not to go through the board. Tip: use a stop collar or masking tape on the drill bit to control the depth of cut.

Cut dowels out of the dowel rod into lengths that are equal to the depths of the dowel holes.

3) Join the two boards together with the dowels glue and clamps. Let glue set.

4) Using diagonal cutters, snip the wire hangers to preserve the long straight horizontal part and 2 inches around the bends on each end. Optional: Mount the wire hangers and the 1 inch hooks on a scrap board of wood to paint.

5) With the glue dry you can apply a stain, finish, or paint to your shelf. I would recommend using shellac if you are inexperienced as it is easy and safe to apply.

6) It is now time to drill out the holes for the hardware. The hooks will go to the bottom edge of the wall-mounted board, inset them half an inch from the wall so they do not rub against the wall and space them 1 inch apart starting at half an inch in from one side. Use the hanger to locate where the holes should be for the mounting. I mount one hanger under the shelf hanging half an inch so that hook earrings can hang on it. The other hanger protrudes quarter inch from the top front edge of the shelf to keep items from sliding off. I decided hang the shelf with key holes routed out of the wall board. It is better to do the keyhole routing before attaching the hardware. If you do not have the needed tools to cut the key holes you can alternately mount the shelf by screwing directly through the wall board into the wall. I used superglue to adhere the hanger wire to the shelf.

Need to ask me a Question I did my best in writing these instructions; however, I may have missed some information that you desire. You can contact me with questions regarding this project by commenting on my project video.

Safety first - Read all safety warnings for the tools and supplies you use and seek skilled one-on-one training from a certified professional to learn important safety measures. Power tools pose a considerable risk to your health when used improperly. You alone are responsible for your safety, so be smart, what can I say more.

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